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Monthly Archives: May 2012

New Venues And Events

Its coming to that time of the year when new things start happening just before winter returns. Ive been approached by a new venue in Newtown area (and let me say its not a venue you would expect), to return a similar style of venue to what the Newtown Hotel once was. Of course it would be a modern twist, with the same before and after drinks style place with a earlier style show before you hit the city. Yes it would have the same old campness i am famous for but with a modern feel. A venue that offers entertainment every night and offers the drinkers a fair go price wise. So watch this space for more information.

Things to watch out for.

Queens Birthday Long Weekend Ill be hosting a special event up at the Blue Mountains at the Scenic Railway, for a wonderful breakfast and fun event. Check out the poster.

Taree is back on the list for a winter fest Sandy Style which will be held in July check out that poster for more details.

Bathurst and Orange is on the list also at a gorgious venue featuring my special Copa Cabaret Show, which is delighting hundreds across the globe, further dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

Coast out and myself will be holding a fantastic cabaret in Coffs Harbour in August for the launch of Coast Out in October in 2012.

Stonewall hotel is welcoming aboard myself in rotation on Thursday Nights, so check out my Facebook for when Im in the house.

Yes its a busy winter thats happening this year, so hope to catch up with all my friends


XX Sandy B

Sandy Bottom Live On Sydney Harbour

Sandy Bottom On Sydney Harbour

But Hold On Theres More

For those loyal fans and friends I thought I would update you with the news of the Taxi Club. Please read the following and It will explain itself.


We regretfully report that as of Monday morning on the 7th May, 2012, the Taxi Club was forced to close it’s doors.

As a lot of our regular patrons would be aware, the past 4-5 years has been an absolute challenging and trying period for our Club. Through regular correspondence and media coverage, the reasoning why has been conveyed to you.

We wish to clarify for you the recent efforts and the lead up to this current situation.

Immediately prior to the original announcement of closure, set for April 8th 2012, the Club was approached by the Paddington Bowling Club (PBC) seeking to discuss the possibilities of an amalgamation. The local media coverage of the Taxi’s closure prompted PBC to make the approach in support of our iconic Sydney Club. Though this came about at the 11th hour, a meeting was held with representatives from PBC and an encouraging, positive plan was put into motion. The plan to be undertaken would require the Taxi to enter a period of external administration, whilst a Deed of Management was put in place, and ultimately the amalgamation process completed. The foremost priority in this process was to ensure the Taxi did not cease trading. The Taxi positively proceeded with this arrangement and continued uninterrupted trading, in it’s original home location.

However, one element of this encouraging plan was to ultimately be the catalyst for it’s undoing. This element being the now owners of our home Club venue, Oxford Commercial Real Estate. Despite Oxford having indicated to us some months ago their desire for a long-term lease arrangement, they have now turned away from wanting to continue with us as tenants of the original Taxi Club venue and are proceeding with re-developing the property. Their Council approved plans consist of converting the Club venue into their own commercial office facility, with works to commence immediately.

Though the Club has been required to cease trading, there are concerted efforts now being made to seek a suitable new location for the Club. This will continue in earnest until absolutely all avenues of possibility have been explored.

In the meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to pass on a big heartfelt thank you to those who have loyally continued to support the Taxi, over these years, by enjoying it’s presence and assisting it’s continued existence. Unfortunately, the Club’s support on mass over the past few years was never enough to allow it’s independent and on-going trading. This is extremely disappointing as we feel there is no where in Sydney similar to the Taxi Club. It is an asset to the city of Sydney that, if not available, will be sorely missed.

The final and biggest heartfelt thank you goes to the Staff and Board of the Club. During the roller coaster ride that has been the past 4-5 years, they have continued to maintain loyalty and commitment, in an extremely trying environment. This all being driven by the desire to see a unique Club such as ours continue to be there for the people.

The Taxi has always stood totally unique in it’s approach, not just to people, but in it’s attitude. This reputation is very hard to replace. This is why all efforts are being made to ensure the name of the Taxi Club and what it stands for, will continue somewhere, somehow.

Warm Regards,
The Taxi Club.


To all those patrons thank you for the last 20 or so years I have been a performer at the club and for all those friendships, fun and drinks we have shared. Let me persist that the club will be looking at a new venue and re-open if physically possible. Till then I will be taking a week off, and then start Sandyoke at a new venue which will be announced this weekend. I also have been approached by numerous other venues which I will be talking with this week to look at offering a taxi club style entertainment.

I of course will still be at all my other venues and on air as usual with the radio program Queer Out West 2glf with Bev twice a month, and also showcasing shows at Parramatta and travelling state wide.

New Show Dates

Including Bathurst, Taree, Port Macquarie, Blue Mountains, Orange (again), Tamworth, and perhaps Launceston towards the end of the year. More information coming in the next week or so.

Till then stay safe and see you on the strip soon xx

Lots of Love Sandy x