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Updated texts from Sandy

Disco On The Green – 2015 Official Mardi Gras Event

Join Sandy Bottom and Friends for a great day on the green at Marrickville Bowling Club – on the 08th March 2015.


And the many thanks for all those wonderful friends down in Tasmania, the show was fantastic at the great venue “Granada Tavern”, many thanks also to the wonderful night shared at Flamingo’s, they really are a fun bunch and I just love being apart of the party that exsists there each and every week. Hobart is very lucky for such a wonderful venue. Coming up in the next few weeks Ill be announcing a new venue and show for the winter months and a inner west gem night for all of my local friends.

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Coast Out Here We Come.

Its ticket time for the “Coast Out Festival”, check out all the whats happening with myself at Bottom Coast Out


Coast Out Festival Here We Come

Sandy Bottom Coast Out

Sandys Soapbox

Ive decided after some many years to get back in to what I love to do the best and blog, well some call it rant but I call it blog. After many years of posting on my old soapbox site I thought I should get back into the swing of it. As many know that I already contribute to radio in Sydney with the Queer Out West Program twice a month. And have had many years with Sands Soapbox which was a regular on a Thursday night on local radio programs. Well as from this week, regular updates will occur, which could possible be about anything, Perhaps even if you have a idea you might want to drop me a line and we can bitch together. Till later check the updates also on Facebook.

xx Sandy