Aloha On Stage

Aloha On Stage

Sandy Bottoms Aloha, is a fabulous interactive stage production called “Aloha” featuring Australia’s Most Fabulous Cabaret Drag Queen.

“Aloha”, is a unique show for all ages featuring audience participation singalongs, interactive karaoke and a touch of daggy dancing all blende place in a blender and mixed into a heartwarming story of love blended with some comedy and a whole lot of Elvis Presley.

Sandy takes you down the road of more than 21 hit songs all from Elvis In Hawaii satellite broadcast, and blends back to the Australian Household.

No “Aloha” is the same twice, and as you grab a seat in the islands of fun, your transported to another place that has no limits.

Check out this amazing show, coming directly to you. Tickets are on the tickets page.

Shows for this show starts in KEMPSY Bandbox Theatre NSW on December 2nd and 3rd – Tickets are selling fast, so get your tickets below fast. 


aloha on stage with sandy bottom bandbox theatre kempsy nsw